Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seasons of the Sea

This was a "joint" poem written by three women friends who spent time together one summer. The first portion was written by the youngest member, the second by a woman middle aged and the third by an older woman.

The Seasons of the SeaKaren Power, Marlene Hoenig & Barbara Weeks Spayd

I'm standing at the water's edge looking out into the sea,
And all my heart and mind can think is that's where I want to be!
To ride upon the open waves and feel the crashing tide,
To chart my course, to set my sails,and reach the other side.

So I'll wait here at the ocean's shore and dream of days to come,
Until it's time to launch my ship into the rising sun.
I'm looking back toward the shore, my sails set to the wind.
I see past swells I've ridden o'er, crash on the rocks and sand.
Shallow waters fade away and deeper waters come.

I catch the wind deep in my sails and jump the waves what fun!
Windless days and starless nights make my path unsure.
I sit and ponder on my plight my ship aimed back to shore.
Then one evening stars reveal the route my Maker's set for me.
I set my jib to turn about and venture out to sea.
I'm tossed about by the raging storm as the waves wash o'er my deck.
My soul's Captain guides my vessel, so there's no way this ship will wreck.

His vision burns within me,His hand upon the wheel.
His voice speaks to the storms of life "Quiet, peace be still."
I'm sailing o'er the ocean depths now,far from the sight of land,
Flowing ever more swiftly according to my Master's plan.
As the tide of the Holy Spirit carries me along.
I'm totally dependent on my God unhampered by the throng.
Exhilaration and Joy overwhelm me, to be chosen for such an adventure.
Knowing I will fulfill my calling and reach my final destination.

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