Monday, July 20, 2009

The Mission

La Mision

Our Mission

The movie The Mission with Robert DeNiro was brought to my mind today. Watch it, it is a life changing movie, especially the scene of him climbing up the side of a mountain with pounds and pounds of supplies on his back. So oppressing! He takes the heavy load, cuts and lets it fall to the bottom. He continues his climb, looking up and to the place above -- his destination.

I thought about my daily life and how I try to climb to the top so many times with so much baggage. I get focused on the weight instead of the Lord and it's days like today when I'm waiting in a hospital with my 87 year old father who is faced with the threat of cancer, and he's making the nurse laugh and feel better after she's just rolled his vein. "It's ok," he said, "You didn't hurt me." He's told me so many times, that he just doesn't like making anyone "feel bad." It's times like this I see the man God created so beautifully nearly a hundred years ago.

Eac day and each place and person we meet is a mountain. We can address the climb weighted down, or cut the bundle of burdens we carry or think we need, and just simply enjoy the beauty of the mountain climb on our way to the destination and places God wants us to go to carry His love.

As we carry His love, He is faithful to carry us through any situation we find ourselves in.

Take a break and watch this very relaxing and powerful video. It's only a couple of minutes. You DO HAVE TIME!