Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Word for 2009 Metamorphasis

The first two Cinderella Released Joy Recovery Groups have been so inspiring. Many of the women who are coming say they can already feel a definate change in their "joy level" even though they can't say specifically what has transformed them other than God is doing miracles, signs and wonders in our hearts and minds. We are laughing, crying and doing lot's of brain retraining. For more information please feel free to contact us about starting a group in your area soon!

These are trying times and the "Joy of the Lord is and will continue to be our strength."

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Jesus is Walking Through The Storm to Get to Your Boat

Eye of the Storm

Though the storm has hit and there is no fish in the net
I see a new light break forth toward the far off dawn only because...

I've still got Jesus,
No matter how dark it gets.
I've still got Jesus,
to fill all my nets.
I've still got Jesus,
He's right by my side.
I've still got Jesus,
to bear with me the ride.

I've still got Jesus,
though all others fail,
I've still got Jesus,
He'll always set my sail.

I've still got Jesus,
when fear and doubt arrive.
I've still got Jesus,
To rebuke an unfriendly tide.

I've still got Jesus,
when the darkness comes.
I've still got Jesus,
He's my morning sun.

I've still got Jesus,
The Captain of my seas,
Who calms the waters,
My Compass Guide is He.

When the other lifeboats,
have come and gone,
I'll walk on water,
Jesus by my side.....

He is the dawning of the far off sun,
Only he's right with me,
saying, "Go fish some more,
your nets are full!"

Cinderella Released

God Allows U Turns

Allison Bottke