Thursday, January 29, 2009

King of Creation

King of Creation

I am His Queen - The King of Creation kisses me full on my mouth with His passionate love.

It's better than wine, and is worth more than oil.
When He says my name - Creation stops to see....
if I will run into His arms.

Though others scoff me loving the King of Creation, I adore Him.
He ordained me to plant His fields,
to be darkened by the rays of His SON,
to watch over the flocks of the earth.
They are in my tender loving care.

Though I seek Him and sometimes grow weary awaiting His coming,
He desires me to make myself ready for His appearing.

Though He tarry, I must not wane,
in preparing myself to meet Him.

He will come -- "Suddenly" to get me.
He loves me, he'll never leave me alone or forsake me.
I'm His beloved and He is mine.
He is the King of Creation and I am His Queen.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

“So What About Tomorrow”

"So What About Tomorrow" was co-written by Seedsower Deb and Marlene Hoenig.

Today, I shall not worry about tomorrow,
As it is not promised to me.

God's Grace is sufficient for today,
And no Grace is set aside,
from which I can borrow.

He asks that, with thanksgiving, I be anxious for nothing.
But I watch and I pray.

"No, we aren't promised tomorrow,
But know that we are loved TODAY and forever,
in spite of what this world throws our way."

His peace, all understanding passes,
Keeps my mind on Him,
And my heart in certain array.

For as today is,
So shall my strength be.
And I know for sure,
He will supply my need.

1. quote pulled from writings of Marlene Hoenig, Director of Eye of the Storm Ministries